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Emergency Evacuation Plan

For nearly two years, the Westwood Hills Residents Association worked with HRM to create a comprehensive emergency evacuation plan for our subdivision. We are the first community in the HRM to have our own Emergency Evacuation Plan, and we are very proud of this. 

Muster Point SIgn
MUSTER STATION signs have been erected throughout the neighbourhood.  Please consult the EMERGENCY ZONE MAP to determine where your muster station is located based on where your home is located in WWH.  In the event of an evacuation emergency where you are not able to drive out of the subdivision on your own, your family will need to go to your assigned muster station where transportation will be provided.  

HRM has provided some basic emergency preparedness information via their website. Everyone is responsible to make sure they read this information and are prepared for any type of emergency where we may be asked to stay in place or to evacuate.

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