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Burning Restrictions - Current Bans & Maps

During the wildfire risk season (March 15 to October 15) all domestic brush burning and campfires must adhere to daily Nova Scotia burning restrictions - updated daily at 2pm. Burning restrictions by county are also available by phone - a recorded message is updated daily: 1-855-564-2876(BURN).

For the current map and conditions CLICK HERE
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Campfire Burning (0.5 metre diameter open fire) is allowed ONLY if the fire is 4.75 metres (15 feet) away from any dwelling or accessory building. The campfire must be contained using non-combustible material and you must burn dry seasoned firewood. Only one campfire is permitted per property. Campfire Burning is also permitted in public and private campgrounds.

Outdoor Wood Burning Appliances are allowed if they meet the criteria in the By-law. Please check to be certain your appliance meets the criteria.

Burning in propane or natural gas CSA or ULC approved appliance: These devices are not regulated under this By-law however all manufactures instructions must be followed. They are not subject to time restrictions.

Domestic Burning (brush and tree limbs) allowed ONLY if :
  • the fire is 23 metres (75 feet) away from any dwelling or accessory building;
  • a person in charge of burning has a means to call 911 from site;
  • at least two people nineteen (19) years of age or older are present;
  • suitable equipment is in attendance to contain and extinguish the fire;
  • wind velocity will not jeopardize the ability to control and contain the fire; and
  • the person in charge ensures all smouldering embers are completely extinguished prior to leaving the site

Domestic Waste Burning is PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES and includes:
  • leaf and yard waste including grass and grass clippings, twigs, and house and garden plants;
  • box board including cereal, shoe, tissue and detergent boxes; and
  • construction or demolition material, including saw dust, wood shavings, planking, siding, wood beams, plastic and rubber.

Complete information from HRM can be found HERE
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