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Winter Road Conditions & Highway Cams

Real-time Highway Cams
View real-time footage from highway cameras around the province and locally. 

Current Road Conditions
You can call 511 from any phone for recorded messages of current highway conditions across the province.  This service is updated twice daily.  Or visit the website here.

Winter Parking Ban

In general there is NO overnight parking on any streets within HRM during the winter months, as this impedes snow plowing services.  If you must park your car on the side of the road during the day in winter months, please make sure your vehicle is fully visible and not covered in snow. Do not block driveways, do not park close to intersections, and take into consideration that icy road conditions can easily cause vehicles to skid and slide when trying to go out around parked vehicles - your car could be a dangerous obstacle.

Snowplowing Standards In Westwood Hills
See the information page HERE
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