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Winter Road Conditions & Highway Cams

Real-time Highway Cams
View real-time footage from highway cameras around the province and locally. 

Current Road Conditions
You can call 511 from any phone for recorded messages of current highway conditions across the province.  This service is updated twice daily.  Or visit the website here.

Winter Parking Ban

In general there is NO overnight parking on any streets within HRM during the winter months, as this impedes snow plowing services.  If you must park your car on the side of the road during the day in winter months, please make sure your vehicle is fully visible and not covered in snow. Do not block driveways, do not park close to intersections, and take into consideration that icy road conditions can easily cause vehicles to skid and slide when trying to go out around parked vehicles - your car could be a dangerous obstacle.

Snowplowing Standards In Westwood Hills
Westwood Hills has two classifications of roads - each with it's own parameters of priority for snow removal as set out by HRM service standards

Winter Plowing Priority Map

  • Main arterials
  • Major bus routes
  • Roads with steep inclines
  • Emergency routes to hospitals and streets leading to schools and public buildings.
Goal: To have a plow or salt truck pass through these areas at a minimum of once every three hours and have them clear of snow and ice within 12 hours of the end of a weather event.

  • Residential and rural routes with medium to low volume traffic
  • Gravel roads
  • Private lanes that fall under the municipality‚Äôs responsibility
Goal: To start cut-throughs on these streets once accumulations have reached 10 cm and repeated a minimum of every eight (8) hours during extended periods of snow. This allows initial access for emergency vehicles and residents needing to get out of their homes. Crews will return to finish clearing Priority 2 streets, to a snow-covered and passable state within 24 hours of the end of a weather event.

Note: In snowfalls greater than 30 centimetres, or in blizzard conditions, more time is needed to complete clearing. The same exception may apply when there are rapidly changing weather conditions, such as sudden freezing after rain, wet snow packed to ice and freezing rain. Crews will continue working until all streets and sidewalks are clear and safe.

Before contacting 311 to report snow and ice clearing issues, please check the service timelines for streets and sidewalks to confirm when clearing should be completed. If clearing efforts are still within the timelines, residents should not contact 311 as the agent will be unable to dispatch any crew. Please wait until the service timeline has expired before contacting 311. This will ensure those trying to contact 311 with urgent issues are able to reach an agent.

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